Consultation - The Creative

Consultation - The Creative

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Don't know where to start with your creative journey or how to position yourself in an over-saturated creative industry?

  • Is your idea worth pursuing?
  • Is there a way to effectively focus on more than one creative path at a time?
  • You want to take the leap, but don't know where to start?

I've been there! Sometimes you don't know where to start, if your idea is even worth pursuing, or how to focus when you're passionate about multiple things.

Who Is This For?

  • Photographers
  • Designers
  • Craft-makers
  • Creative Directors
  • Anyone who considers themselves a creative...

Let's dive into what you're doing and where you're at.... realistically.

Together, we will create a plan that will give you clarity and concrete actionable steps you can take immediately.



  • Brand Survey
  • 20-minute initial call
  • PDF outlining the next steps specific to your most immediate goal
  • 25-minute follow-up call


"I certainly received a better understanding of my journey as an artist. It’s imperative to have a listening ear and willing mind/heart to move forward as a passionate creative who is working towards leaving an impact on not only her community but also to those all over the globe as well! I was also able to obtain such supportive and professional guidance and help to further my mindset and willpower as a creative who is walking in the light of her own journey. Everything about working with Asia, made me feel awesome. From her amazing outlook on creative entrepreneurship to her understanding of growth as a creative to her eye for art and aesthetic. " –HerBeautySpeaks.


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