Welcoming 2017

I will say I've never pretended to be excited about a new year. 

NYE 2015, I was in a crowded hotel room with people more concerned about snapping the last "3-2-1" of the year than being present. NYE 2016, I "accidentally" fell asleep when I was only suppose to quickly stop home to change for a party.

All that to say, how I brought in those 2 years, were a foreshadowing of how they turned out. In 2015 I was caught up in an emotional rollercoaster of a relationship and worked a job I HATED. 2016 was a year of healing, looking inward, and finding a new path. Now, it wasn't all bad: I traveled the world, fully became my own boss, got close to a group of amazing women that are now close friends, and much more. The past 2 years were some of the most pivotal of my life which put me on the trajectory I am now and, although I'd never go back, I can't say I regret a thing.

I told my best friend that going into 2017 feels like the air after a heavy rain. Clear, crisp, clean, and anew. I'm so ready for everything I'm going to experience, I feel stronger and more level-headed. LET'S GO!

When mind-mapping my goals yesterday, my overarching goal was to have complete confidence in my purpose (commonly interchanged for career). From that umbrella goal, I free wrote ideas of how to achieve that and what that means for me in smaller areas of my life. At the end of my brain dump, I realized a lot of my smaller goals were bunched up into 3 main categories (list below).

my top 3 goals for 2017

One. Gain Financial Freedom–

From being the girl with a stellar credit score at a really young age to barely staying above water when I started working for myself, I've learned that having wavering finances have a serious effect on my work, joy, and ability to create at my highest potential. I'm excited to be in the position to get in front of my finances and pay off my debt this year, starting with credit cards and moving on to student loans.

Two. Launch & Build Die Free Studios– 

I've been conceptualizing my studio for years now, but only in the past year has it started to come together and make sense. It wasn't my desire to launch a typical graphic design studio... I wanted to build a brand with a strong mission that thinks about cultural messaging on a larger scale. Although I've often beat myself up for not getting it done sooner, I know that everything I've learned in the past few years were so necessary to help me gain clarity. Stay tuned...

Three. A Country a Quarter–

I've always been heavy into traveling, but that usually means I book a ticket at random, go and don't look back. This year, I want to hit the places I've been dying to go. First up, Barcelona. That's been on my list ever since I've seen the movie Vicky, Christina, Barcelona.  Second, Tulum. And the other two I'll leave for life to surprise me with.

The best part about these goals are that with actionable steps and setting my intentions on these specific goals, they're completely attainable. Cheers to the new year and making it the most powerful one yet!


Photos by Aja Hitomi