Mornings are Essential


A lot of people are shocked to find out that I wake up around 5am every morning.

This definitely isn’t something that happened naturally, but after years of learning that I’m most alert early in the morning (thanks to procrastination in college), it became apparent that as a creative entrepreneur I had to figure out how to maximize my peak hours.

From the moment I wake up I have to jump out of bed or I’ll drift back to sleep. That’s when I go downstairs and make myself warm water with lemon and honey and read my devotionals. When I’m done with that, I like to make breakfast, reflect on my vision board and set my intention for the day.


If I don’t take the first moments of the day for myself I’ll work out of a place of anxiety, never taking time to remember why I create.


After that, around 6am, I dive into my projects. This works best when you already have a to-do list you made the night before. I start with the most pressing projects while my motivation is highest so I can give my all to them. Around 9am I check my email for about 20 minutes then head off to yoga sculpt.

Once I come back, I make lunch and continue working on the rest of my projects until around 3pm, when I am absolutely useless. Earlier in my creative career, I used to beat myself up for crashing that early, but then I decided to figure out how to use my body’s natural preference for the best results. This is one of the luxuries of working from home, but also something you have to be acutely aware of.

For me, mornings are essential or my whole day can easily be wasted by oversleeping, Netflix and busy work that shouldn’t get as much energy. Having a strict routine in place, that fits your personal needs, is really where the power comes from.

Does anyone else make their own schedules? Share below how you structure your day, how many hours you really spend working, and tips for getting the important things done.

Photo by Aja Hitomi

Photo by Aja Hitomi