Going North

At least twice a year I make my way up to Seattle to reset my mind, breathe in smog-free air, and experience actual seasons. As a bona fide California girl, it’s a little crazy how much I love the rain so when L.A. decided to give us a hint of winter with rainstorms for the past 2 weeks, it made me nostalgic of my time up North last November.

My goal in going back to the city was to truly explore and act like a tourist. So often, we take places we are familiar with for granted, becoming more and more blind to what the city has to offer. This time I made a point to walk through neighborhoods, some I knew some I didn’t, extra slow, taking my time to look deeper. I took a tour of the Space Needle, discovered Pipe & Row, my new favorite clothing store, located in Fremont, and opted out of taking an UBER to walk 30 minutes into downtown. I ended up stumbling by another favorite,  Moorea Seal, a store started by a fellow Seattle Pacific University (SPU) art graduate that I had the honor of designing the logo for and ending up at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). 

seattle art museum–

If you know me you know that I can’t go anywhere without mixing a little business with pleasure. I came up with the idea to interview the Deputy Director of SAM, while walking our BUNCH readers through the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit via Instagram Stories. I was initially so nervous because it’d be the first time our audience would see BUNCH (but really me) live and I was kicking myself for creating this assignment.

I prepared by watching the YSL biopic on Netflix the night before so I could get the full experience, but was blown away when seeing that the movie came to life in this exhibit. From learning that it was Laurent who created some of the most famous silhouettes we still wear, to seeing how his peculiar personality was precisely the reason he was so creative and great–it was inspiring to see the evolution of his life’s work laid out in front of my eyes.

My interview with Chiyo Ishikawa, the Deputy Director of SAM, went amazing and I left with a sense of accomplishment. I conquered something that forced me to step out of my comfort zone that I will probably try to do during every trip I take moving forward.

BUNCH: What makes YSL a daring creative to you?
Chiyo: He was daring because he brought men's working clothes into the world of high fashion and turned them into luxury garments for women.

If you haven’t watched the film, I’d for sure check it out.

vancouver, bc–

Really trying to maximize my time up north, some of my close friends and I decided to drive up to Vancouver, BC for 2 days and 1 night. With such a limited amount of time we immediately stocked up on pre-game materials, ate out, and went to a club (which I never go to, but am somehow always down when I’m out of state – or country). The next day was our time to explore the city a bit. We ate an amazing breakfast, discovered a coffee shop that had signs comparing Trump to Lord Voldemort and visited Stanley Park. There, I fell in love with A-maze-ing Laughter, the outdoor sculptures by Yue Minjun that literally are depictions of him laughing. Somehow, a sculpture that’s meant to induce laughter, playfulness and joy would be corny to me, but I definitely found myself enjoying the statues like a 5 year old on a playground.

Because I set my intention on exploring the North through a fresh pair of eyes, I was able to get more out of this visit than many others I’ve taken. I realized that no matter where I am, whether home in L.A. or back in Seattle, there’s always something more to be seen or a new way of looking at a familiar city.