5 Books That Will Change Your Life This Summer

Confession: I'm a book nerd. Have been since I was 5 and spent all my time in the library until I worked in one in college. For me reading has always been an escape, but also feeds my hunger to constantly be learning and growing. Below are some books that are great for the summer time, when work is a little slower, the weather is warmer, and you want to, at minimum, give your mind a break! 




I hated the title, the bright yellow cover and the hype, but when I had to read You Are A Badass for a bookclub I was the main person that had so many wake-up calls from this. It's hilarious, not just for women, and focusses on the real reasons you're still where you are. This book was perfect for me because I wasn't necessarily in a low place and hating my life, in fact I was thriving, but felt like I couldn't access my personal next level. YAAB is perfect for those moments in the interim, where you feel like you've plateaud for a second and need to break out of complacency but have no idea where to start. It's about not playing the victim, but taking the reigns on your own life and creating exactly what you want, unapologetically.

Author: Jen Sincero




This is my number one book recommendation to anyone who's serious about taking control of and changing their life. The Compound Effect is basically You Are A Badass's really loving, but not-playing-with-you dad. It literally breaks down how every thought, small action, and how we spend our time leads to our ultimate success or disaster by default. It allowed me to take the pressure off of trying to constantly do big amazing things and focus on the small decisions I make daily (a lot of which are out engrained habits that we don't even notice) and how they lead to the biggest results. Hardy touches on everything from money, body/health, career, relationships and isn't a  "woo-woo...make sure you're energy is right" type of book (even though I love those types of books). Did I mention it comes with free resources to get you in action?! Bottom line is that I loved this so much I dm'd the author, Darren Hardy, on Twitter and asked him to be my mentor lmao...he didn't reply.


Quote from the book:

"A single small poor habit, which doesn't look like much in the moment, can ultimately lead you miles off course from the direction of your goals and the life you desire."


Author: Darren Hardy




Sometimes self-help get's a little overwhelming, and honestly redundant, so I like to give my mind a vacation by breaking it up with fiction. Even though The Bell Jar is no pleasant trip, it definitely throws you head-first into the world of Esther Greenwood, a gifted, beautiful, talented and successful girl who slips into a mental breakdown and depression aka The Bell Jar. This book is written so vividly that you feel you're in her body, quickly slipping away and rationalizing the insanity with her. The writing style alone had me speechless which makes me sad I never paid attention to this book when it was assigned in school lol. 

Author: Sylvia Plath




A Woman's Worth is another book where I hated the cover and despised the name. I wouldn't be caught dead in public reading this book, but so glad this was another I was forced to read. It so accurately describes the many complexities that women have, but are often hard to find the words for. It always keeps it real about what you're really looking for in men and relationships and brings it back to the foundation of yourself... it basically makes you get your sh*t together lol. Surprisingly, I also recommend this book for men as it's not male bashing and very insightful to male and female dynamics and how we both experience life similarly and differently.

Quotes from the book:

"Internal power has less to do with money and worldly position and more to do with emotional expansiveness, spirituality, and conscious living. As we begin to recognize that internal strength is all that really matters, we come to see that we have often avoided men who were not powerful in the world not because they were not powerful enough, but because inwardly they were too powerful, reminded us of the work we still had to do on ourselves."



"When we understand that love is the reason for our power–that it is our power–we lose our fear of owning its strength."


Author: Marianne Williamson




You've probably heard of The Alchemist and the hype surrounding it, but whether you gave into it or not, it's definitely a perfect read for the summer time. For me, summer is usually a time where I toggle between feeling relaxed and free to feeling a little adrift. The story follows Santiago, a shepherd boy, and his journey of finding his "Personal Legend". With key lessons of breaking the monotony of your life, realizing fear is bigger than the obstacle itself, making a firm decision and sticking to it, and the power in being unrealistic...the story inspires you to walk your unique own path, listening to the voice on the inside with a crazy dream and having enough faith that life will take you where you're supposed to go.

Author: Paulo Coelho


Did you have any books that changed your life? Leave them in the comments below!