Quarter Life


One day you wake up and it seems like everything in your life is wrong: your career, your finances, the fact that you're not where you thought you'd be by now - the list goes on and on. It seems like every decision you've made led to nowhere...

When this happened to me, I thought my world was ending. I was a creative director, worked for myself, lived in LA, and had traveled all over the world... what was I down about? A lot of me felt like an imposter, like I didn't really deserve anything I had. But why? I worked hard, hustled, and slaved away at my craft daily. I guess I figured I'd be much further than I was. I was disappointed in myself for not being more.

I knew this frame of mind wasn't me. I was the advice giver, consoler, and motivator to almost everyone in my life, so why couldn't I help myself? I did some research and realized I was dead center of a quarter life crisis. I didn't know this was a thing, but once I was able to identify it, I stopped pouting and got myself out of this funk.


1. Listed everything I was proud of. This included: Having the fortitude to travel, re-branding BUNCH Magazine, talking my way into amazing jobs, maintaining and growing my closest friendships over the years, and more.

2. Made a plan. And stuck to it. The worst part is feeling out of control of your own life and disappointed by the things you said you would do, but didn't. I got real with myself about even my smallest bad habits, buckled down and strategized how to accomplish my goals, live a thriving life, make even more money, and prioritize the things I kept putting off. Then, I went after them strenuously.

3. Got active. When my friend Cristina introduced me to yoga sculpt, it changed my world. It's like dying and coming back to life all in one hour. I started going daily along with practicing meditation, gratitude, and journaling into my morning schedule.

Though it took time, I eventually got back to my normal self. But now I was more focused and driven than before. 


Photos by D'Ara Nazaryan