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Asiamdav (pronounced asia-em-dahv) is a mashup of my name Asia M David.

Graphic Designer and Creative Director, I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. I ventured off to Seattle for college to get my BA in Visual Communications and double minor in Art History and New Media. Through my studies, I became passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs build their brands and design websites over at my creative studio Die Free Studios. is my platform to play. It consists of my love of travel and how new places inspire me, passion projects, career insights to creative entrepreneurship, and living your truest, most authentic life through a term I coined #diefree. Enjoy!



Press & speaking

Sometimes people like to hear my voice crack as i share my insight on branding and creative living.

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features & stuff

occasionally the internet makes me seem more bona fide than I really am. so i googled my name and this stuff came up...


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