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Asiamdav (pronounced asia-em-dahv) is a mashup of my name Asia M David.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA I started my creative journey around the age of 10 years old. Don't get me wrong, though I had some natural talent, I was NOT one of those young genuinely creative kids who no one can relate too. I always leaned on natural talents and never went hard in my creative curiosities UNTIL I ventured off to Seattle for college where I made the life changing decision to GO ALL IN with my inclination towards the arts and haven't looked back since. I got my BA in Visual Communications, double minored in Art History and New Media and probably overworked myself with a campus job and multiple internships. I was on a creative high and wanted to know everything.

 Through my studies, I became passionate about the world of telling visual stories through graphic design, art & creative direction. I also found inspiration in helping creative entrepreneurs build their brands starting from a foundation of strategy to a presentation of beautiful visuals. I channeled that drive into a business I founded and currently run called Die Free Studios. is my platform to play. It consists of my love of travel and how new places inspire me, this crazy journey of entrepreneurship, passion projects, and living your truest, most authentic life through a term I coined #diefree.


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